Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • Where is Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library located?
  • Library locations and telephone numbers are found on our Locations page
  • Where are the hours and holiday schedule found?
  • Library hours and holiday schedules are found on the Library Hours page

Questions About Library Cards and Accounts
  • Who can get a library card at Nova SBE?
  • Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff receive a Campus card that doubles as the Library card. Find more information on the Using the Library page
  • How can I check my account online?
  • You may login to your library account via our online catalog with your username and password.  If you have not chosen a password, please request it from a staff member

Questions About Checking Out and Renewing Material
  • How long may materials be borrowed?
  • Most items checkout for seven days. However, this can vary depending on the type of borrower and the type of material. Please consult our Loan Policies page for a table describing this in more detail
  • How many items may I borrow?
  • This can vary depending on the type of borrower and the type of material. Please consult our Loan Policies page for a table describing this in more detail
  • Where can I return my books?
  • You may return your books at the Library. When the library is closed we offer a book return in the main hallway outside the library
  • How do I renew my books?
  • You may renew online, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ask at a desk, or call us at 21 380 1602
  • What are Recommended books or what is the Short Loan Collection?
  • Recommended books and the Short Loan Collection are two names for the same books. These are books that professors are using in their classes and that the library has purchased to make available to students. These books have a shorter loan period than other items. Students may checkout a Recommended book anytime and keep it until 8pm the following day. If it is returned after 8 pm sanctions may be levied. This is to ensure that these books remain available for all students. These books have a red sticker on the spine to indicate that they belong to this collection
  • Where are the Recommended books or the Short Loan Collection located?
  • These books are located at the entrance of the Library
  • What happens if I return my books late?
  • Each day a book is returned late results in monetary fine. For Recommended or Short Loan Collection books the fine is 2,50€ per day, per item. For general collection books the fine is ,50€ per day, per item.
  • How do I request or reserve a book?
  • Follow these steps:
    • Login to your account (You will need your library card number and a PIN number to login). Ask library staff if you don't yet have a PIN
    • Search for your book (Remember there are titles with many different editions, so choose the edition you want)
    • Click Reserve
    • Choose the copy (Reserves are copy specific not title specific. This means that if there are four copies you must choose a specific copy to reserve, not the first copy available. This is then the specific copy you will be notified about when available)
    • Confirm request
  • How am I notified about my reserve?
  • You will be emailed when your reserve is successfully placed and then when your reserve is ready to pick up. Once you receive notification you have until the following day at 3 p.m. to pick up your reserve. (If you don't receive a confirmation email check with library staff to make sure we have your current email address)

Questions About Other Library Services
  • How do I access the library´s Research Databases?
  • You may access the library´s Research Databases at one of four terminals in the Library, in the Multimedia Room located on the second floor of Colégio de Campolide, or from your laptop. If accessing the resources from your laptop off-campus, you´ll need to authenticate via our proxy service. Visit the help page to get more information on the configuration. Most electronic library resources are available for remote access. Contact us for more information
  • Where can I find suggestions or tips on searching the Research Databases?
  • You may find some tips on using the Research Databases on the Search Strategies page or consult the help or about pages of the specific database. You may always ask a librarian for help putting together effective search strategies
  • How may I suggest a title for purchase?

You may submit suggestions for purchase to us via email or at the help desk

  • How do I submit a request for an InterLibrary loan?
  • The Library is often able to request material from other libraries that are not available in our own collection. The library also provides materials to requesting libraries. Either type of loan may be initiated by sending us an email or stopping by the help desk with as much information as possible about the item you requesting. More information can be found on our InterLibrary Loan page

Questions about case studies and sealed PDFs
  • How do I find and open 'single-click' case files my professor has assigned?
  • These cases, referred to as 'single-click' cases, are very straightforward to open. First, you'll need to login to the student section of the Intranet or Moodle Course site, then naviagate to the courses section. From there you'll need to consult the specific course you are taking. From that point you should just need to click on the case you are looking for
  • How do I find and open sealed files from cases my professor requires us to read?

  • Sealed files are cases that have certain restrictions placed on them. First, you´ll need to login to the student section of the Intranet, then navigate to the courses section. From there you´ll need to consult the specific course you are taking. Whenever you are asked for user name or password you´ll need to use your institutional email information. Further information and troubleshooting.
  • How do I print a sealed PDF?
  • Do so as you would with any PDF, but keep in mind you may only print one copy. If you open up the same file on another computer you will be required to wait one hour for the license to be released again
  • How do I access cases provided by StudyNet?

Students should follow the link to the course, which is provided by the professor. They should whenever possible use their university email addresses.
-Student must register (if they have not already done so) by clicking Register > then Submit after filling in applicable fields
-accept license agreement by clicking I Agree
-enter course password (provided by professor)
-proceed to checkout
-click return to courselist
-view course
-click on Materials tab
-proceed to checkout
-click on case study link to open PDF copy of case study

Searching for scientific articles and journals
  • How do I locate a specific journal title to find out if we have access?
  • Use our Full-Text Finder via NOVA Discovery. Enter the journal title you want > Click on access full-text > Follow the link to the appropriate content
    • If the journal year pre-dates 1997 you may want to search the Periodicals database of our online catalog to determine if the library owns a paper copy
  • How do I locate a specific article online?
  • Use NOVA Discovery. Enter the article title > Refine or adjust search field by title rather than keyword if too many results > Follow the link to the appropriate content




Affiliation for Scientific Publications
  • What is the correct way to list my affiliation with Nova SBE in scientific publications?
  • The correct way to list your affiliation to Nova SBE when submitting scientific publications to a journal is as follows:
    • Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1099-032 Lisbon, PT OR
    • (Department), (Faculty), (University), (Postal Code), (City, Country) e.g. Nova Finance Center, Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1099-032 Lisbon, PT
  • What if I have two affiliations?
  • Some authors have contracts or research connections with more than one institution. If this is the case the author should list both affiliations, making sure that Nova SBE's affiliation is always structured like this:
    • (Department), (Faculty), (University), (Postal Code), (City, Country) e.g. Nova Finance Center, Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1099-032 Lisbon, PT