Using the Library

 Who Can Use the Library?

  • Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff receive borrowing privileges via a barcode on the student card
  • Those who do not belong to the University community can also use the library provided they present proper authorization

Where Can I Access Library Services?

  • Library Catalog can be accessed via a Web browser either remotely or from a terminal on campus
  • Access to Electronic Resources are available in the library as well as remotely. To use the electronic resources remotely you'll need to authenticate via the special links under each resource (key icon). Consult our instructions for remote access
  • Please view the Library Hours page for more information on when the library is open

How to Become a Library User

  • All students and staff with a Campus Id card can activate their account at the Library.

Use of group rooms

  • The use of the 8 Group Rooms available at the Library’s space is a no-charge service provided solely to Nova SBE’s students. Each room is available for group study/work for a maximum of 8 students.

  • Booking slots have the duration of 3 hours and groups can schedule only one slot at a time and per day

  • Rooms can be booked for group study only.
  • The space of Group Rooms is a Library’s space and thus all rules regarding space use apply, which include namely the prohibition to answer phone calls and consume food or drinks other than water. Library rules apply

  • The following rules apply to all bookings

    • Students may not leave their belongings.

    • Students should leave the room at the designated time and inform the circulation desk

    • Students who don’t comply with the rules will be asked to leave the room.



Our Goals at Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library

  • To provide excellent customer service to library users
  • To provide quality resources to students, staff and faculty
  • To offer relevant training sessions and explanations of our services and resources
  • To assemble, preserve and administer in our collections both print and digital, resources that meet or exceed our users' expectations
  • To serve as the information center of the school
  • To support knowledge creation and student learning by providing assistance, access to technology, resources, and study space
  • To promote and encourage Information Literacy
  • To support faculty research and teaching