Back to the Footure: The Changing Portuguese Footwear Industry

Back to the Footure: The Changing Portuguese Footwear Industry


Pedro Sena-Dias, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arménio Rego


We explore how by (a) adopting a consistent positive approach, (b) providing sound strategies to attack each obstacle with perseverance and a long-term vision, and (c) focusing on opportunities rather than risks, the trade association helped the industry navigate through the perils of globalization and, in the process, transform itself. We discuss how the trade association’s leadership guided the cluster and inspired the entrepreneurs through dramatic changes in the business environment by creating a platform that promoted sustained growth and innovation through both fierce internal competition in terms of product and marketing, and extensive collaboration regarding manufacture processes. Possible “futures” are also discussed.

This case is suited for the leadership and/or change sections of Organizational Behavior courses; and for cluster related discussions on Strategy courses.

FAE/EDP Case Study Prize Winner 2015

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