Antevendo Mais Lusofonia e outras memórias lusófilas.- Jorge Braga de Macedo

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  • Author: Jorge Braga de Macedo


These “lusophile” memories seek to reveal the diversity of lusophonia in time and space. Bearing the risk of some redundancy, they gather eight texts written at the Beach of Apples over the last ten years on the relevance of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries as a multilateral culture-based organization located in Lisbon. Eulogies to Jill Dias and Antonio Braz precede two entries in a Lusophone History Blog which existed at IICT, three presentations in English at Nova and in cascais, as well as an essay on the future, focused on Angola, which provides the title. In addition to the European link, which Portugal often forgets, I argue that the economic and scientific dimension of CPLP for its membership (six in Sub Saharan Africa, Brazil and Timor) is complementary to the cultural dimension which implies that the relevance of lusophonia can be expressed not only in Portuguese but also in other vehicle languages, such as English. This has become more pressing since two G20 and OECD members joined CPLP as observers.