Ensino e Prática da Macro de Economia Aberta depois de Abril.- Jorge Braga de Macedo

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Teaching and practice of macroeconomics were strongly impacted by the 25th
of April 1974 revolution, not only because it fostered the entry of new actor but also
because it shocked incumbents. This is apparent in the nine institutions, seven in
universities and two embedded in the administration, described here, in line with the
global perspective on and an interdisciplinary approach to the effects of the financial
crisis that the partnership between CG&G, IICT and the Lisbon Academy of Science
initiated in 2008, as described in Working Paper # 611. The occasion was a workshop held
on 7/11/17, on the 40th anniversary of the Symposium on Keynesian Studies, with help
from the Bank of Portugal. As agreed at the event, on 31/12/17, a preliminary version of
the proceedings was distributed to the funder and to participants, and most authors
amended their texts. The lineup is the same as that of the workshop with presentations
and comments about new actors (BdP, UCP, FEUC, UNL, UCAN)1 in Part 1 and incumbents
(GEBEI, FDUL, ISEG, FDUC)2 in Part 2. The debate starts with a discussion at large.