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AMECO (Annual macro-economic database) A free annual database of the European Commission's Directrate General for Economic Affairs.

BACH (Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized)

BACH is a database of aggregated and relatively harmonized accounting data of non-financial incorporated enterprises of 11 European countries (plus 4 in a near future), based on national accounting standards (individual annual accounts). Together with the data, yearly analyses on European companies are released through specific publications...


Bloomberg is a key source for current and historical pricing on equities, fixed income securities, foreign exchange and commodities, as well as indicative and fundamental data, customized analytics and business news.

Compustat North America

Compustat North America (available via WRDS). is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items.


CRSP (available via WRDS). The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) maintains the most comprehensive collection of security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets. CRSP databases are characterized by their comprehensive corporate action information and highly accurate total return calculations.

CRSP Index History Intraday

CRSP Index History Intraday (available via WRDS) include second-by-second levels of CRSP’s investible Equity Indexes and End of Day levels.

CRSP/Compustat Merged Database

The CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database (available via WRDS) allows for concurrent database access to CRSP's stock data and Compustat's fundamental data.


Datastream Financial statistical database with international coverage of stocks, bonds, interest rates, exchange rates and other economic indicators. Datastream is now part of EIKON with Datastream.

EIKON is available at the library via Bloomberg terminals.


DealScan (available via WRDS), also known as Loan Pricing Corporation Deal Scan, is “the world pre-eminent source for extensive and reliable information on the global commercial loan market”. DealScan database contains comprehensive historical information on loan pricing and contracts details, terms, and conditions. It contains basically loans. However In addition to loans data , it LPC DealScan also provides contract information for high yield bonds, private placements and hybrid financial structures. DealScan data is compiled from SEC filings and public documents (10Ks, 10Qs, 8Ks and registration statements), loan syndicators as well as other internal sources.

DSI - All That Stats

DSI - All That Stats unifies in one common database the complete range of OECD, European Union, IMF financial and UNIDO’s industry statistics, as well as a variety of US and German official and central bank statistics.

EIKON with Datastream

"From streaming real-time data to deep historical information, Thomson Reuters Eikon gives you access to trusted, timely and accurate content from more than 400 exchanges and OTC-traded markets and over 70 direct exchange feeds, delivered via Thomson Reuters Elektron low latency data feeds."

EIKON is available at the library via Bloomberg terminals.

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EU Open Data Portal

EU Open Data Portal

The European Union Open Data Portal is the single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU). Data are free for you to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

By providing easy and free access to data, the portal aims to promote their innovative use and unleash their economic potential. It also aims to help foster the transparency and the accountability of the institutions and other bodies of the EU.


Eurostat is a mine of statistical information that covers all areas of European society. Data can be accessed via "key economic indicators" (predefined tables in HTML format) or via databases where more specialized information with over 300 million data items is available for those who require high-quality statistical information.


Execucomp (available via WRDS) dataset includes over 80 different compensation items on more than 12,500 executives (top five executive officers per company) in companies included in the S&P 500, S&P 400 MidCap and S&P SmallCap 600 indexes; over 35 measures of company financial performance taken from Compustat. The data is annual and available from 1992 forward.

Financial Times

Financial Times: Our educational site license allows for professors and students to consult up-to-date information as well as seven years of backfiles.

Register with your school-provided email address at

Gallup Analytics

Gallup Analytics: Analyze, visualize, and export data from Gallup's U.S. Daily tracking and World Poll surveys. U.S. tracks economic, wellbeing, and political data collected daily since 2008. It can be analyzed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually as well as by state and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). World Poll data covers more than 80 metrics from 160+ countries collected since 2005. Does not include access to microdata.

1 simultaneous user limit. Only available on-campus




I/B/E/S (available via WRDS) provides both summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows, and other important financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations.

(GEE) Office for Strategy and Studies of the Portuguese Ministry of Economics

The (GEE) Office for Strategy and Studies of the Portuguese Ministry of Economics (Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos do Ministério da Economia) is a database for economic and statistical information for Portugal. They publish daily updates of Portugal's most relevant economic indicators. Subscribe to their once-a-day, one minute newsletter, Flache GEE

Example newsletter (PDF)


IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística) offers access to a wide range of national statistical Information.

IMF International Financial Statistics

IMF International Financial Statistics provides time series data of major economic aggregates used in economic analysis. It also offers data items on exchange rates, international banking, international transactions and national accounts, etc.


INE Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Portugal) offers access to a wide range of national statistical Information.


Jornal Ecónomico

Jornal Económico: educational site licence provided by Jornal Económico (all content in portuguese)


Marketline profiles all major companies, industries and geographies, MarketLine is one of the most prolific publishers of business information today.

Content is produced by an internal team of analysts, drawing on primary and secondary research and prepared under an established methodology that's been tried and tested over 10 years.


OECD Health Data

OECD Health Data  is the most comprehensive source of comparable statistics for 30 countries on health and health systems across OECD members.

OECD Statistical Compendium

OECD Statistical Compendium An essential reference work with a macroeconomic overview of the OECD member countries, with comparable data for all 29 members and historical span from 1960 until today.


Orbis from Bureau van Dijk contains comprehensive information on companies worldwide. You can use it to research individual companies and to find companies with specific profiles and analyse them.

This resource is also available via WRDS




Passport - Euromonitor International

Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and breaking news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide.

Passport features millions of statistics and in-depth reports on 28 industries across 80 markets worldwide, with demographic, macro- and socio-economic data analysis on consumers and economies in 210 countries.



PORDATA Statistical Data on Portuguese socio-economic conditions, from 1960 until present day


Sabi (from Bureau van Dijk) contains comprehensive information on companies in Portugal. You can use it to research individual companies, search for companies with specific profiles and for analysis.

Content includes: Company financials, Directors and contacts, Stock data for listed companies, and Detailed corporate structures



SDC Platinum

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, the online historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bonds, Syndicated Loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.

SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe)

The Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) is a multidisciplinary and cross-national panel database of micro data on health, socio-economic status and social and family networks of approximately 123,000 individuals (more than 293,000 interviews) from 20 European countries (+Israel) aged 50 or older....


Statista is one of the largest statistics portals to integrate data on over 80.000 topics from over 18.000 sources onto a single professional platform. Categorized into numerous market sectors, Statista provides direct access to >1.5 million statistics, forecasts, reports, infographics and dossiers on media, business, finance, social sciences, politics and a wide variety of other areas of studies.

Thomson Institutional 13f Holdings

Thomson Institutional 13f (available via WRDS) provides Institutional Common Stock Holdings and Transactions, as reported on Form 13f filed with the SEC.

The database contains quarterly information on the institutional investors' holdings of US securities. Any institutional investor who manages U$100 million or more is required to disclose this information by filing Form 13f to the US SEC. 

Thomson Mutual Funds Holdings

Thomson Mutual Fund Holdings database (available via WRDSprovides security holding information for all registered mutual funds that report their holdings with the SEC, plus 3,000 global funds. Reported securities include all NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ, Toronto, and Montreal common stocks. This database is formerly known as CDA/Spectrum, and is often referred to as Spectrum 1 2 for ownership information by registered Investment Companies or Domestic Mutual Funds.

Thomson ONE

Thomson ONE provides integrated access to several financial databases providing a wide range of data on internationally quoted companies, international stock exchange indices, private equity, and financial deals (mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, equity deals, loan deals).

Thomson ONE can be accessed via EIKON by Thomson Reuters.

UN Data

UN Data provides socioeconomic data from 274 countries with coverage from 1948-2050. Covers 31 topics such as: agriculture, construction, financial statistics, health, income, consumption of wealth, and more. Data may be downloaded.

United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme offers data and statistics on human development like the International Human Development Index. The human development data utilized in the preparation of the Human Development Index (HDI) and other composite indices featured in the Human Development Report are provided by a variety of public international sources and represent the best and most current statistics available for those indicators at the time of the preparation of this annual report.

World Bank Data

World Bank Data - World Bank provides free and open access to a comprehensive set of data about development in countries around the globe, together with other datasets cited in the data catalog.

World Health Organization

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. The country statistical pages bring together the main health data and statistics for each country, as compiled by WHO and partners in close consultation with Member States, and include descriptive and analytical summaries of health indicators for major health topics.


Worldscope (available via Datastream) offers fundamental data on the world’s leading public and private companies. It also provides annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing and textual information.

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