Wikidata Days 2019 is a Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library and Social Sciences DataLab event that aims to bring together people interested in Open Data and Open science projects.

The program will consist of one day of talks/presentations focused on how to use Wikidata for Science dissemination and communication, and a road-show of projects using open data with social impact. A second day will be dedicated to a hackathon, where we will experiment editing Wikidata and explore some of the tools available. The focus of this session will be on exchanging ideas and good practices.

Wikidata is a free, open, multilingual and collaboratively edited knowledge base, developed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Launched in 2012, it works as a hub of structured data that can be used by other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia or Wikiquotes, and tools like Scholia. Anyone can contribute to this platform, as well as copy, modify and distribute its content. Many tools are already using Wikidata as the platform for Open Linked Data (i.e. Apple's SIRI personal assistant, Google's Knowledge Graph, and many more...).

Anyone interested in this theme is welcome to this event, even with no knowledge on the subject.



June 7

09:30 am | Reception and welcome

10:00 am | Presentation
/ Susana Lopes
Head librarian - Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Libraries

10:15 am | Keynote session
/ Alessandro Marchetti (Wikimedia Italy, WikiClassics, Wikimedia CH, WikiDonne)
Scientific outreach with Wikimedia platforms

11:00 am | Talk 1
/ Ana Cravo (Wikimedia Portugal, Master in Environmental Engineering, Post-Graduation in Science Communication)
Science Communication at Wikimedia Portugal

11:30 am | Coffee break

11:45 am | Talk 2
/ Catarina Reis (Social Sciences DataLab), Miguel Mimoso Correia (Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library)
Q392754: Generating Nova SBE scholarly profiles using Wikidata and Scholia – a pilot project

12:15 pm | Talk 3
/ Iván Hernández-Cazorla (Wikimedia Espanha), Manuel Ramírez-Sánchez, Gregorio Rodríguez-Herrera (Instituto de Análisis y Aplicaciones Textuales da Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (IATEXT)
Wikidata - IATEXT | Curación y estructuración de la producción científica del IATEXT en Wikidata: Wikidata, WikiCite y Scholia como herramientas para elaborar un corpus de datos bibliográficos enlazados

01:00 pm | Lunch break

02:30 pm | Keynote session 2
/ Helena Patrício (National Library of Portugal - Special Collections Service Director)
Semantic Web, Linked Data and Wikidata

03:15 pm | Panel

/ Jorge Pinho (Open Street Map); João Pina (; Ricardo Lafuente (Journalism++); Paulo Perneta (Wiki Loves Monuments)
Open Data reuse with social impact

04:45 pm | Q&A

05:00 pm | End of Talk Sessions 

8 June

10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Hackathon on Wikidata and other tools

* Program subject to change


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